Christophe Bojarski, a French-Polish artist who likes to express his emotions through music, as a guitarist in a punk-rock group, amateur photography, but especially as an amateur abstract painter.

He feels inspired by every day situations, by the people he meets, by nature, but recently especially by his 2.5-year-old daughter who is the sunshine of his days and by his baby girl who is the moonlight of his nights.

Christophe currently lives and works in France where his works can be found in a number of galleries and exhibitions around the country.

This inspirational artist benefits from his technical background combined with his unlimited imagination and with the immense passion for drawing and painting he has had since childhood.

By the use of acrylics and charcoal pencil, Christophe brings unevenly balanced pieces to life.

Christophe uses vibrant colors combined with a technique aimed at creating movement and flow, dancing on the dynamic canvas.

Christophe’s masterpieces are accessible and continue to leave a lasting warm feeling on the walls of French art collectors.